Workshop overview

This film workshop focuses fundamentally on providing young actors from the Decorah community with an opportunity to experience what it's like to perform in a short film. This workshop gives actors an intimate understanding of the filmmaking process and enriches their acting abilities, creativity, and artistic confidence. Essentially though, we are all making a film together, and therefore we are promoting the workshop also as a film.

The film will have an original storyline and be approximately 10-15 minutes long.


Acting Class, Role Placement, and Issuing of Scripts

           This will be approximately a 2-hour meeting before shooting begins
           in order to prepare actors for filming. We will be placing actors into
           roles that are most suited to them through non-traditional auditions;
           no one will be turned away. We will then distribute scripts so that
           actors can become familiar with/memorize their lines before the shoot.

Shooting (including breaks for snacks and lunch):

           Shooting will take place over two days, most likely from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


$60 per Actor

This covers four snacks, drinks during lunch time (actors bring their own lunches),
an hour-long acting class, a DVD copy of the film in a specially-designed case,
and all of the miscellaneous costs of making the film and running the workshop.

Additional Information

Locations for shooting are to be determined, though they will all be limited to Decorah. These locations will be the drop-off points for actors each day, and the pick-up points may be different as we may walk to relocate during shooting.

The finished film will be shown at Luther College in Decorah as soon as it has completed all stages of editing and post-production; the date and time for the showing will be shared with the actors and their families before the film is advertised to the public.  ~  (715) 497-6173